The Half-QWERTY Keyboard
Half-QWERTY Keyboard: is a one-handed typing technique, designed to facilitate the transfer of two-handed typing skill to the one-handed condition. It is performed on a standard keyboard, or a special half keyboard (with full-sized keys).
It is used for those who don’t have full ability to type with both hands and for those who have limited use in their hands or no use of one hand to continue typing with the other hand in an easy way. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other typing-related injuries don't always occur in both hands. In cases where only one hand is affected, you can type with the other hand.
The Half-QWERTY Keyboard costs anywhere from $595.00-$705.00
You could purchase one of these at any of the following places listed on this site image xf7gocBZB9aWjTFCMo2HFOv90dj4r2PCZZ7SopWPiwwDI2Qp4dJvafvE753ydsryThiurDg-dMebHndv1i4stdVTW_O0i0qeg1Y12DDn5epKp1jE8L4

Big Key Keyboards
Big Key Keyboards: are keyboards that have been applied and adapted to individuals needs by tens of thousands of users, all over the world.
It is used for those who can’t see very well.
The Big Key Keyboards cost around $40+.
A good place you could purchase one of these keyboards is

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OrbiTouch: as a way to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and provide computer access to people with limited or no use of their fingers.
It is used for autistic children.
The OrbiTouch costs about $500+ but you can find them for less at some places
A good place to buy this item is

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