Braille Embossers

  1. There are two different type's of Braille Embosser's you can buy, double-sided and single-sided. Double sided will print the braille on both sides of the page, but they are more costly. Single sided does the opposite, prints on only 1 side. There are many differnet companies that make these embossers, but the couple main businesses are,, and They all sell both types of embossers and a range of embossers. Some different brands of these machines are Romeo, Phoenix, Everest, Duxbury, and Braillo.
  2. Braille embossers are basically printers for blind people. They make bumps on a piece of paper so it’s possible for visually impaired people to “read”.
  3. It is used as a special type of printer for blind people. Instead of printing ink on paper it raises bumps on the paper so blind people can feel them, and then interprets the bumps into language.
  4. This machine helps the visually impaired.
  5. The lowest price cost for one of these machines is about $2,000 dollars, but if you want a decent, tough one you will pay around $5,000. Buy them at
  6. The company I think is the most legit, and the best to buy from is It came up first in Google, and there are many good reviews about it. But the best brand I think you can buy is Phoenix. I like this the best because it's the main product on They advertise it everywhere and it has really good reviews about it, plus it's the world's first mutli-tasking Braille Embosser. It can do two tasks at once!
  • Pheonix Embosser:
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  • Romeo Embosser:
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  • Braillo Embosser: