What is it? Define?
  • On-Screen keyboard: A Windows Vista tool that displays a visual representation of a keyboard from which you can select individual keys by using your mouse, pen, or other device.

What it is used for
  • It allows people with physical impairments to type data by using a pointing device or joystick

Which type of impairment
  • Physical impairments

Cost? Website to purchase?
  • An on-screen keyboard doesn’t cost any money but you have to have Windows Vista and it will be included in the purchase of your computer software.
  • To open the on-screen keyboard you need to go to the Start button, clicking all programs, clicking Accessories, then clicking Ease of Access, and finally click on On-screen Keyboard.

Three types of products
  • 101 keys display (standard keyboard)
  • 102 keys display (an extra backslash)
  • 106 keys display (extra characters useful for typing Japanese).