Physical disabilities involve the partial or total loss of function of one or more parts of the body. Physical disabilities which affect mobility are generally either orthopedic or neurological in nature.
What is a physical disability?
A physical disability is any condition that permanently prevents normal body movement and/or control. There are many different types of physical disabilities.

Cause of physical disabilities:
  • inherited or genetic disorders, such as muscular dystrophy
  • conditions present at birth (congenital), such as spina bifida
  • serious illness affecting the brain, nerves or muscles, such as meningitis
  • spinal cord injury

Speacial Equitment
Many different professionals and agencies can provide advice about equipment for children with physical disabilities. Which will be the best source of information depends upon the needs of your child and your family. Depending upon your problems, you may need to speak with a physiotherapist, speech pathologist or an occupational theripist. Each of these theripists knows enough about the work of the others to be able to advise you about how someone could be the most useful. they could have problems could be walking/mobility, talking, eating, toileting, and shower or bathing. So there could be multiple issuse.

One of the assistive technology is a power wheelchair which could cost you any where from $1,699.99 to $3,199.99. They wont be cheap. There are many different brands you can buy but the best brand to buy would be The Scooter Store they sell the most power wheelchairs. The cost could vary because you can get one that goes outside or inside or if you pay a little extra both inside and out side. You can also get a chair that raises up and down.

Another one is the C-Leg is an innovative, completely microprocessor-controlled leg prosthesis system that helps people who have undergone transfemoral amputation to achieve a new degree of safety and dynamics. The new C-Leg has been upgraded and expanded with many innovative features. It combines both years of experience and the intelligent use of modern technologies with a clear design of elegant appearance.

Also HearPod hearing aids are the successful culmination of 30 years of solving the needs of hearing impaired people. HearPod aids are 100% digital, full-featured and have some of the most advanced noise canceling and sound amplification computer chips available. Our unique design also reduces sound feedback inside the ear, thereby making HearPod hearing aids among the most comfortable to wear.It could cost you $279 and up to $1025 they are the most expensive but the best to buy.

How can you Help your family if they have a diability
In some families, physical disabilities can be inherited. If your child has an inherited condition such as muscular dystrophy, you may wish to speak to a genetic counsellor. A genetic counsellor will study your family history and explain the risks of any inherited condition being passed to other children. This counsellor would also be able to provide information to you when you are planning to have children if someone in your family has had an inherited disability.