Sensory Disabilities
Camera for the blind-blind camera.jpg
The Touch Sight camera allows visually impaired peple to take photographs. The photographer holds the camera up to their forehead, and a Braille-like screen on the back makes a raised image of whatever the lens is seeing. This device costs 500 dollars and can be baught on

Musical chair for the blind-

This device allows deaf people to feel music. The chair can translate music into tangible sensations, it converts the sound of different musical instruments or notes into motion at different levels. The chair has vibrating coils that are throughout the chair that transfers sensations to the skin. Depending on the type of music the chair can shoot out air and rock. You can purchase this product in Toranto.

The Wicab BrainPort-blind toung.jpg

This invention can help blind people see using their tongue. It collects information using a small digital camera attached to a pair of glasses that transmits it to a "lollipop" electrode array which the user attaches to their tongue. The digital camera sends the light information to a base unit that has the size of a cell phone that then translates the light information into electrical impulses causing a substitution of a retina function.This invention is priced at about $10,000.