A sip and puff machine is a device that is used to power wheel chairs or other technology by inhaling and/or exhaling in a pneumatic tube. Speed is controlled by sharp sips and puffs, and steering is controlled by low powered sips and puffs.

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What is it used for?

It is used for either helping people in wheel chairs that have a

severe motor disability, or it is used to help people use computers. These devices are more commonly used for people with a physical disability.

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Types of Sip and Puff Machines

  1. Sip and Puff Wheelchair

    The Sip and Puff Wheelchair is the most common type of Sip and Puff machine. It is usually used for people who can't use their hands or their feet. Sip and Puff Wheelchairs can be rather expensive, ranging from low as $2,000 to up to over $10,000. Usually, you can get one prescribed from a doctor, also you can buy a sip and puff wheelchair on a website site such as

  2. Sip and Puff Joystick

    Sip and Puff Joysticks are Sip and Puff Machines that allow people with severe motor disabilities to use a mouse on a computer. This is usually seen used by people with quadriplegia. Sip and Puff Joysticks are slightly expensive, they are usually around $1,000. Unlike Sip and Puff Wheelchairs, this will not be prescribed to you. You will most likely be able to purchase it online. An example of an website is
  3. Sip and Puff Switch

The Sip and Puff switch is the main part of the system. This is what determines what the sips and puffs do. They are used for people who have a motor disability. The Switches themselves can be pretty cheep based on quality, although, you can get them with wheelchairs and other machines that use the system. For a good quality one, $300 is an average price. You would be able to purchase any of these online or with a sip and puff wheelchair. A good example of a site is

The best use of this over all is definitely the Sip and Puff wheel chair. It has in general a great use for a good cause. I feel that this system will benefit wheelchair users across the world.

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