What is it Used For?nuance_logo.jpg
To take what a person is saying and put the words onto paper using a thought to paper process or putting something someone is saying who can't speak clearly and transfers into words that someone without impairment can better understand.
What Type of Impairment is This Used For?
For individuals that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, speech recognition software is used to automatically generate a closed-captioning of conversations such as discussions in conference rooms, classroom lectures, and/or religious services.
  • Individuals with learning disabilities who have problems with thought to paper can benefit with this technology.
  • People with missing limbs, or ranging from mild repetitive stress injuries to involved disabilities that make it harder using conventional computer input devices.
Cost, Where to purchase?
  • Nuance (www.nuance.com) has software that people with disabilities or impairments can use through software called Dragon Natural Speaking and Voice Recognition.
  • The program and software costs $199.99.
Why Buy This Product?
  • This product is the cheapest and put into the top programs for individuals with disabilities. Nuance Dragon is the only individual downloadable software, all other come with computers that you have to buy as a whole.