Touch Screens
• Nook Tablet- To read
• iPad- To find directions, research, look up information, and play games.
• Smart phones- call people, text, information, and directions

Some touched screens are used for people with disabilities. People who are diagnosed with a disease or were born with a disease can use touch screens to help them access things faster than typing on a keyboard.

Most people who have been in an accident or that were born without any fingers you can use their limbs in their hands to type on a smart phone or iPad. Using these tools will help you better than a keyboard because you don’t have to press down on the keys, you can just touch them with a finger. You can also use touch screens for Special Education. People who are mentally handicapped are not able to function as well as people who aren’t. They may use touch screens to help them read, learn numbers, letters, shapes, and colors. Most people use touch screens for Speech Therapy. Speech Therapy is used to improve peoples’ speech, pronunciation, and words.

You will be able to find most of the Nooks and iPads at Best Buy or any other technology store. And you will be able to find smart phones at any Verizon, Sprint or AT&T store. Nooks count about $199 and the iPads usually cost $700-1,000. Smart Phones cost about $110-150.

I think that the iPad is the best choice because you can Skype, get directions, look up information, download books, and games.